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SACC Chicago’s Young Professional (YP) membership category is for young professionals such as recent college graduates. It is an interactive section of SACC Chicago devoted to networking, social involvement and development of young professionals. YP members get to enjoy informal networking in a variety of settings where they can create and strenghten new social and professional relationships, while also celebrating Swedish-American business and social ties. All YP members are of course also free to attend all the other business and social events organized by SACC Chicago.


As a YP member you are invited to attend all business and social events organized by SACC Chicago. Exclusive membership benefits:

We are always excited to meet new people. Since it is up to all of us to determine the direction of the YP membership, we welcome everyone’s input and participation.

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Ellen Lindberg

Vice President of YP

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Nicolina Alfljung

Executive Assistant

Networking Event

Young Professionals meet once every month together with several other European Chambers. The Professional Networking Event is a great way to meet new people and create new connections. It is a laid back atmosphere where you can come and just say hi or stay a bit longer and grab a beer or two. If you are new to the Chicago area this is, with out a doubt, the easiest way to get in contact with people in your own age and that share your interests. You don’t need to be a member to come to the Professional Networking events but if you want information about where it will be held and if we have anything specially planned you should take the easy step to become a member.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:


Join our monthly Networking Event with other YPs together with other individuals from the SACC Chicago Network.

SACC Chicago is always looking to broaden its network. A great resource to help us combine the many young professionals in the Chicago area and the many events that are being held are student ambassadors from schools but also from student organizations.


If you are, or know, the student ambassador of your school or organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s bring our forces together!


Each year, SACC Chicago seeks highly motivated Interns for the Fall and Spring Internship positions. An internship at SACC Chicago is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge about international business while also expanding your personal network. The application period begins in March for the Fall Internship, and in September for the Spring Internship. For more information, see the tab “Interships” at the top of this page.


In addition to what SACC Chicago is offering, SACC-USA also offers a Trainee Program and a J-1 visa service. These can be used for anything from a summer internship for a Swedish student or a longer training program for someone who has just graduated, to for a 18-month visa for a Swedish employee in a rotation program.


Mentoring Program

Through the Mentoring Program, SACC Chicago connects ambitious young professionals with experienced professionals. Our mission is to promote a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences between the mentor and mentee. The mentoring program provides members with excellent opportunities for professional ventures and career success. The mentor should meet with the mentee as often as it is deemed suitable for both parties, however we recommend no less than two in-person meetings for the whole duration of the mentorship.


Through this program, mentees get the chance to learn from professionals who have extensive experience in their particular field of expertise. The mentor can teach the mentee how to cope with challenges in the work place, how to make the most out of their careers, or help realizing business ideas and goals. The relationship benefits both parties in areas such as personal growth, career development, lifestyle enhancement, goal achievement and other fields of interest agreed upon by the mentor and mentee. It is a great opportunity to receive career mentorship no matter where you may currently be in your career.


The relationship between the mentor and the mentee primarily focuses on interpersonal support, career guidance, exchange of industry, knowledge and experience, sharing of wisdom, coaching and role modeling.


Interested in getting a Mentor or becoming one yourself? Please contact


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For Mentors:

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