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The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago (SACC Chicago) is an independent, non-profit, membership driven Swedish and American business collaborative. SACC Chicago creates opportunities for its members to promote their products and services and network through business and social events. Moreover, to strengthen the members corporate and professional skills through the sharing of expertise, education, and training. SACC Chicago was founded in the early 70’s and represent members in Chicago and Illinois as well as in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin; a geographical area of nearly 43 million inhabitants.


Chicago has a long history of relations with Sweden. The early immigrants from Sweden went into construction and it is no exaggeration to say that Chicago was built by Swedes, including many of the famous skyscrapers. At one point in time, Chicago came second after Stockholm in terms of number of Swedish inhabitants.

SACC Chicago is dedicated to serving its members through creating opportunities for generating business while providing a broad spectrum of business services and social contacts. The primary mission of SACC is to enhance trade, commerce and investment between the United States and Sweden. The Chamber has all kinds of members, such as people who want to help facilitate the trade flow between Sweden and the US, business people of Swedish descent wishing to enhance their Swedish network, and those who simply have an interest in Swedish-American business relations. In year 2003 SACC Chicago also restarted the Young Professional to support young business professionals to network via business and social events. Ten years later we also launched our new Mentoring Program, which you can have a closer look at via the YP section at our website.

SACC-USA boasts a membership of over 2,300 companies and individuals through 20 Regional Chambers. Access to most of these members can be obtained through membership in the organization. SACC-USA provides great leadership concerning E-days as well as traditional membership services through publications such as the magazine eCurrents and Events, while the regional Chambers are active and independent in their geographic areas.

Welcome to you who continue to enjoy your membership in SACC Chicago, and to you who are in process to join. We look forward to many productive years to come!


As a member of SACC Chicago you get to experience business and social events over the year arranged by SACC Chicago and SACC Chicago Young Professionals. We provide our members the biggest Swedish-American network in Chicago and our events give you the benefit of the focused international business network and the possibility to increase recognition for your company and yourself.


The chamber has all kinds of members with an interest in Swedish-American business relations, who help facilitate the trade flow between Sweden and the U.S and business people of Swedish descent who want to enhance their Swedish network.


As a member of SACC Chicago you have access to SACC-USA's Trainee Program. The SACC-USA Trainee Program and J-1 Visa service can be used for everything from a summer internship for a student from Sweden to a longer training program for someone who has just graduated or a 18-month visa for a Swedish employee in a rotation program.

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