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Chicago has a long history of relations with Sweden. The early immigrants from Sweden went into construction and it is no exaggeration to say that Chicago was built by Swedes including many of the famous skyscrapers. At one point in time, Chicago came second after Stockholm in terms of number of Swedish inhabitants.

SACC Chicago is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to serving its members through creating opportunities for generating business while providing a broad spectrum of business services and social contacts. The primary mission of SACC is to enhance trade, commerce and investment between the United States and Sweden. The chamber has all kinds of members with an interest in Swedish-American business relations, who help facilitate the trade flow between Sweden and the U.S and business people of Swedish descent who want to enhance their Swedish network. In year 2003 we also restarted the Young Professional to support younger business professionals to network via business and social events. In 2013 we also launched our new Mentoring Program. Please have a closer look at the YP section for more information.

SACC-USA boasts a membership of over 2,300 companies and individuals, through 20 regional chambers. Access to most of these members can be obtained through membership in the organization. SACC-USA provides great leadership concerning E-days as well as traditional membership services through publications such as the magazine eCurrents and Events, while the regional Chambers are active and independent in their geographic areas.

Welcome to you who continue to enjoy your membership in SACC Chicago and to you who are in process to join. We look forward to many productive years to come.

Corporate membership (for up to five individuals) $600.00
Corporate membership includes not only up to five individuals but also a listing as a sponsor with your logo and a link to your website on the SACC Chicago website as well as all other benefits.

Business membership (for up to three individuals) $300.00
This is the best alternative for you who run a smaller business with up to three individuals that can join the chamber and receive all benefits.

If you purchase a Corporate or Business membership please be sure to email [email protected] with the necessary information for the remaining accounts you want to create. We will email the new account logins to their respective owners.

Individual membership $165.00
The simplest option for you as an individual to join the chamber and receive access to all benefits.

YP membership (up to 30 years of age) $50.00
YP has many great events. Be sure to take advantage of these as a YP member.

SACC Chicago Alumni / non-resident Membership $50.00
This membership is ideal for Individuals that have moved away from our caption area, want stay in touch with the chamber and be networked into our organization. It still gives access to SACC Chicago membership network without publication in our member catalog nor discounted events.
Full or half-time residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin do not apply and the Chamber reserves the right to extend the Alumni / non-resident Membership on a case-by-case basis.

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