Doing Business in Sweden

Business In Sweden

In the ever-increasing global market, Sweden hosts one of the most internationally integrated economies in the world. With a focus in technology-driven commerce, Sweden’s sizeable trade and foreign investment are only a few signs of the nation’s competitive business.

In addition to a notable business sector, Sweden focuses on the future through a qualified, highly-developed workforce and education system – Swedish schools and universities meet high international standards. Swedish society itself is reflective of the country’s widespread innovation in information technology.

This inventive technological pioneering stems from Sweden’s high expenditure on and investment in Research & Development (R&D). R&D is an integral part of Sweden’s economy, providing for the necessary breakthrough technology so vital to business. Due to this as well as Sweden’s commitment to education and Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Sweden is recognized as one of the world’s most knowledge-based economies.

Sweden’s business sector is unique for its large number of multinational corporations in relation to the relative size of the national economy. It is known for its innovational climate, its skilled and productive work-force, and its openness and willingness to work globally.

  • Sweden places third in economic competitiveness within the EU, after Switzerland and Denmark (Source: World Economic Forum, 2008-2009).
  • Sweden is ranked as number four in economic competitiveness (Source: World Economic Forum, 2009-2010).
  • Sweden is ranked number one when it comes to technological readiness (Source:World Economic Forum, 2009-2010)
  • The highest internet penetration in Europe; 80% (Source: Invest in Sweden Agency)

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